Updates on the whole family

Updates on the whole family

What a day! We had an unexpected daddy’s home day today. Sophie wrenched her arm at bedtime last night and was still favoring it this morning. Dom stayed home to help us navigate getting to the doctor’s office. I’m still not supposed to drive or do any lifting so getting all 3 kids to the pediatrician was more than my mom and I can manage on our own.

The doctor pushed Phia’s elbow back into place. She’s still favoring her right arm and is in a bit of pain. And her distress is exacerbated by the fact that I can’t pick her up and cuddle her. But at least she’s letting my mom cuddle and read to her.

When we got home from the doctor, Bella asked to run about in the sprinkler. (And asked and asked and asked… at least a dozen times.) Both girls did that for about an hour. Dom put on his suit and joined them, much to their delight.

This afternoon while the girls were napping I went to the OB. I’ve not been feeling so great since about Thursday. I think it’s just that I’ve been overdoing it, not resting enough; but I wanted to get myself checked out just to be sure that there isn’t something more. The verdict: I’m overdoing it. But, and I love this, it was said without recriminations and instead with a great deal of sympathy and understanding. More like: Well, you’ve got three kids so of course you’re overdoing it. Just try to be nice to yourself and here’s some more painkillers if you need them and we’ll see you again on Friday unless you’re feeling better. All the nurses and receptionists had to come out to the waiting room to ogle Ben. And I got a nice drive back and forth with Dom since I’m not allowed to drive yet. Hey, you snatch quality time where you can get it, and a drive was nice. We even stopped for Italian subs on the way home. Yum!

Ben is doing very well. He’s not nearly so yellow anymore. And he’s a great sleeper. Already we’ve got a pattern. We go to bed around 10 or 10:30 and then he wakes at 3 or 3:30. (With a bit of help from me usually saying, hey, kid, aren’t you hungry?) Then we usually wake up and he eats again around 6 when Dom’s alarm goes off. I feel so spoiled. This time around I’ve mastered the art of co-sleeping: nursing while semi-conscious and rolling him from one side to the other while not getting up. With both the girls I didn’t get that down till they were several months old. What a difference it makes.

The girls are both in love with Ben and kiss him and pet him when they can. Still teaching Sophie to be gentle and not hit or touch roughly. But she dotes on him saying, “Baby, baby, baby.” She does mind me not picking her up and holding her, though. Bella just adores him. A bit of acting out and being defiant and being babyish on her part, imitating Sophie’s baby talk. But I just try to ignore that and assume it will go away on its own.

Did I ever mention, I forget, that all my worries about weaning Sophie came to naught. She decided the week before Ben was born that she was just not interested any more. Stopped asking and even refused some offers. I didn’t push either way, though. And since we’ve been home from the hospital she hasn’t asked. I’m glad there wasn’t a big struggle over it. Not that she’s always happy with being superseded in my lap; but her upset has come more in the form of bedtime hysterics where she’s not clear if she wants me to hold her or not and not demands to nurse. Given how sore I am and how hard c-section recovery is for me, I’m just as glad not to be attempting tandem nursing.

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  • Delicious, Melanie. So very right!

    I had to laugh, seeing it in black and white, that I Twittered about the Slow Language Movement! There’s an oxymoron for you!

  • That is one terrific sentence.

    And, I’m reminded of when Anne-with-an-e was very litttle, and was having a health problem and had to have some scary tests. She said, “It’s a little anxious to be a little girl entirely surrounded by doctors.”

  • Mrs D,

    I haven’t. Wow, his performance sure got some raves on Amazon, though. I might have to check it out.

    Though honestly, no matter how good it is, I can’t see us adding any Pooh recording to our library. The thing is as much as we love Pooh, we might be getting a just little bit Pooh-saturated. I looked back in my archives and we’ve been reading Bella from the big book of Pooh every single day for a year now at both nap time and bed time. I think it’s maybe time to start looking for ways to wean her to other reading for bedtimes. Maybe then after we take a wee bit of a break we’ll be able to enjoy listening to Pooh read by someone else.