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Road Trip to Kentucky, Part 1

In which we drive through 12 states, more than 2,500 miles, met friends and family, and see a huge part of this beautiful country of ours that I’d never seen before. My paternal grandfather, William Addison Scott Jr, was born in Kentucky, though he moved to Winchester, Illinois where he met and married my grandmother […]

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Learning away from Home: family vacation to Virginia

Last week we went on a fairly last-minute family trip to visit Dom’s mother and sister in Virginia. It was a lightning visit. We left here early Monday morning and got to Fredricksburg at dinner time. We got home late Friday night and I’m still recovering. The trip was fun, awesome, exhausting. Monday was a […]

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Homeschooling Field Trip: Mount Auburn Cemetery

I was so glad that we were all over being sick on Monday so that we join some of our local homeschool group on our much-anticipated field trip to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. While I do love visiting cemeteries, Mount Auburn is much, much more than just a cemetery. It was established in 1851 […]

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Forms of Prayer

One of my Facebook friends is doing this lovely thing where every day she lists one thing she’s grateful for. It brightens my day to see her little notes. I’ve seen the same basic idea in various other forms too. Thankful Thursdays. 1000 gifts, all sorts of gratitude memes. So I’ve been pondering prayer and […]

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for Stephanie

Stephanie in Assisi, on top of Rocca Maggiore, spring semester 1994. I was digging through some old boxes today, looking for a particular photograph, and I found some of my old journals. One flipped open and I read the first page. It was a poem that I had no memory of writing. I used to […]

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