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Book Review: The Book of Angels by Marigold Hunt

The kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed every Marigold Hunt book we’ve read so far so we were all very much looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint. Hunt is so very good at breaking open the Bible for kids, making it approachable, explaining the context and translating difficult concepts into language […]

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Learning Notes: All the World’s a Stage

According to my Facebook feed, all the kids who aren’t back to school yet are getting ready to go next week. We’re still chugging along, but we’re about to finish up Volume 2 of Story of the World and to move into SotW Volume 3. I’m also thinking about starting Sophie on Saxon 1 and […]

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A world which has to create its own justice is a world without hope

“In the modern era, the idea of the Last Judgement has faded into the background: Christian faith has been individualized and primarily oriented towards the salvation of the believer’s own soul, while reflection on world history is largely dominated by the idea of progress. The fundamental content of awaiting a final Judgement, however, has not […]

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The Word Became Flesh

I experienced a bit of liturgical disorientation tonight. As I was putting Lucia down for the night, I opened up iBreviary to pray evening prayer and started reading about a shoot springing from the root of Jesse. What? That’s an Advent antiphon. Did they mess up? Then, of course, I remembered that tomorrow, March 25, […]

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