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Kicking the Devil Down the Stairs: St Michael, Superheroes, Swords, and Little Boys

A mom in one of my Facebook groups is — understandably— concerned that her six year old boy is suddenly obsessed with the devil, talking about him constantly, asking lots of questions about the devil, talking about hurting the devil with a sword, comparing other people’s bad behavior to the devil. Is this normal? she […]

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With God in Prison and in War

  In my reading notes for July I noted how every time my friend’s Facebook query for favorite saint quotes popped up on my screen, I had a strong persistent vision of myself taking a particular book off the shelf in the living room. Five or six times over a two or three day period, […]

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The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary

The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary by Maura Roan McKeegan, illustrated by Theodore Schluenderfritz. Do you know about Adam and Eve? About Jesus and Mary, too? Two are from the Old Testament, Two are from the New. Their stories are the Word of God, Their messages are true; […]

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The Beachhead for the Reconquest of the World

As we have seen, the skeptical and hostile in the Gospels refer to Jesus as the carpenter’s son. These same critics say they know His mother and brethren. Ironically, their very boast shows they know nothing of the secret of this family. The divine purpose has been perfectly attained; the mystery of the Incarnation has […]

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The Word Became Flesh

I experienced a bit of liturgical disorientation tonight. As I was putting Lucia down for the night, I opened up iBreviary to pray evening prayer and started reading about a shoot springing from the root of Jesse. What? That’s an Advent antiphon. Did they mess up? Then, of course, I remembered that tomorrow, March 25, […]

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