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Ten, Ten, Do It Again

Well here we are again, The Wine Dark Sea has a birthday. Now we are ten! Double digits. Aren’t we getting big? I feel like I should write some kind of fabulous retrospective but I find that I’ve already done a few of those. When we were five: The Wine Dark Sea Turns Five!!! (and […]

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Mrs Price, c’est moi

or I want to run away to Mansfield Park Last night when I read this passage in which Fanny, having been sent down in disgrace to stay with her family in Portsmouth to teach her the error of her ways, reminisces on the glories of Mansfield I realized that the Price house is my house. […]

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“Nobody Likes the Tangerines”–Reinventing the Liturgical Year

Sunday morning on our way to Mass Dom commented on the sign at the corner pharmacy advertising Valentines Day merchandise, wondering if people really buy Valentines stuff this far in advance of the holiday. That got us talking about all these secularized holidays and how cut off they are from their roots in authentic Christian […]

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