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Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth: Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy Blog Tour

To celebrate the launch of her new book,A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism, Sarah Reinhard invites all of us to spend her blog book tour praying the rosary together. Today, she shares this reflection on the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth: Time and three […]

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Gore Place

Today we took a field trip to Gore Place, a Federal period mansion and home of Massachusetts Governor Christopher Gore. The occasion for our trip was a special program they were offering for the month of October, which is archaeology month in Massachusetts. When someone shared a list of archaeology month activities to our local […]

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Fall Feasting

A few photos to go with my previous post about food. This was our post-farmer’s market dinner on Saturday. Rainbow chard and beet greens with bacon; roasted root vegetables (radish, turnip, sweet potato); fresh cod with rosemary lime, olives and capers (courtesy of chef Dom); roasted cauliflower with garlic and parmesan; roasted beets (not shown). […]

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“Are We There Yet?”

Having pretty satisfactorily completed our Antarctic explorations—I don’t want to push it to the point that Bella gets bored; better to leave off when she’s still fascinated by penguins—I’ve decided we should move on to Australia. So I put a few books in our library queue, starting with an Australian author Bella already knows and […]

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Thinking about Food, Frugality, and Routines

I’ve been on a major cooking spree this past week, mainly inspired by An Everlasting Meal and also by our recent farmer’s market bounty. I’m always a bit bemused that our farmer’s market gets peak traffic in the summer, but fall is really the best time of year for so many of my favorite vegetables. […]

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Picture Books

I’ve been following along with reading the lists posted by the Bookworm and elsewhere as a part of the Take Up and Read Picture Book Challenge; but haven’t thus far dived in myself. I think I’ve been too busy trying to implement all my ideas for Bella’s homeschooling curriculum to spend much time on picture […]

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Seven Quick Takes: Wild Music

1. Bella: “There’s another kind of music than the music you listen to on your iPhone or computer or the radio, Mom. It’s the wild music. Of animals and wind and rain. Lightning has a music all it’s own. Thunder has a music. It’s booming drums.” I had just read her October by Robert Frost […]

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Book Review: A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism

Next week I’ll be hosting a stop on Sarah’s blog tour for the book; but I have so much to say about this book and I couldn’t wait until next week to post my initial review of Sarah Reinhard’s A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism Now in the […]

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