Fall Feasting

A few photos to go with my previous post about food.

Fall harvest dinner: rainbow chard with bacon; roast root vegetables; cod; roasted cauliflower; and roasted beets (not in pic)
This was our post-farmer’s market dinner on Saturday. Rainbow chard and beet greens with bacon; roasted root vegetables (radish, turnip, sweet potato); fresh cod with rosemary lime, olives and capers (courtesy of chef Dom); roasted cauliflower with garlic and parmesan; roasted beets (not shown).

Finished dish: cod with olives, capers, lime and rosemary
Closeup of the cod, which we bought from a local fisherman at the farmer’s market.

The leftover cod became Sunday night’s Thai fish curry when cooked with some vegetables that were starting to go mushy in the refrigerator drawer—red bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato—and some leftover roasted eggplant. The initial investment in a big spice cabinet with fish sauce and all the ingredients for the homemade curry sauce definitely paid off in this last-minute feast.

Candied clementine peel. Oh so yummy. Since the kids went through two bags of clementines in two weeks, I thought it would be nice and frugal to save the peels and use them for something yummy. Best idea ever!

You can, of course, use them for cooking. And I probably will. But they are also a great accompaniment to a nice square of dark chocolate.

The recipe I was following used too much water. Or maybe I didn’t measure correctly. I ended up with all this extra liquid. I was about to throw it down the sink and then thought again. We sometimes make a simple syrup to use in iced tea—just boil water and sugar—it saves the problem of sugar that refuses to dissolve in a cold liquid. I think this orange infused simple syrup will taste heavenly in my tea. If I ever remember to try it. I was on autopilot this morning when making my tea and didn’t think of it till after I’d added cream and sugar.



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  1. Mary October 26, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    Melanie, the Gore Estate has a beautiful Christmas soiree at the beginning of December—it’s been many years since I went, but I recall that the house was all decked out in period decorations and they had classical music playing.  They are very strict about not touching anything in the house—one of my friends literally just reached toward a piece of silverware on the table and was admonished!

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