Crucifixion by Bella

Crucifixion by Bella


The soldier has a lance piercing Jesus’ side. You can see the nails in Jesus’ hands and feet.

Bella says the rainbow, flowers, clouds, and wreath above Jesus’ head symbolize Heaven.

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  • I’m reading the Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week volume also. And I totally agree: it is the perfect reading for this week. So much richness!
    Thank you for the recommendation for the Way of the Cross. Haven’t seen this – and now Ii want to read it also.

  • Wow, I’m going to have to get that Way of the Cross.  I didn’t know they were collected into a book.

    We were in Italy then for our honeymoon, and so we were at those Stations, but the Triduum booklets we brought back have long since vanished into the mists of moving.