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Bella’s Butterfly Garden

As I said in my previous post, Bella and Sophie colored butterflies and then cut them out and then made butterfly gardens out of their silk scarves and dress-up clothes.Just thought I’d share what one of those gardens looked like. In our outside garden we have crocuses and daffodils! It feels like an extremely early […]

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Feasting in the Desert

I’ve been going through a rough patch in recent weeks. Not any one thing I can put my finger on—except the screaming two year old who won’t sleep—but a general weariness and anxiety and a longing for a peace and a quiet which I can’t seem to find. Oh the boys seem determined to tag-team […]

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Sophie’s Butterfly Story

Sophie asked for a butterfly picture to color and she colored it “with one gold wing and one red wing and blue in the middle.” Then she asked my sister to write down her words: The sun was up in the sky below the butterfly’s barrettes and a turtle and a dog were there and […]

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Bella’s Morning Prayers

Bella told me that she’s been saying her own morning prayers in her room before she comes out. Different prayers every day, she says. Sometimes she likes to sing them sometimes she says them. She is also opening her Bible story book and reciting the readings for herself as she doesn’t yet read. Yesterday, she […]

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Anthony Goes Bonk

Poor Dom was recording Anthony playing with the step stool when he fell down and gashed his forehead. We didn’t even realize he’d been cut until Dom brought him into the other room and I noticed that his eyebrow was red. Poor baby. he’s so happy one minute and then… bam! Such is the life […]

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