Anthony Goes Bonk

Anthony Goes Bonk

Poor Dom was recording Anthony playing with the step stool when he fell down and gashed his forehead. We didn’t even realize he’d been cut until Dom brought him into the other room and I noticed that his eyebrow was red. Poor baby. he’s so happy one minute and then… bam! Such is the life of a one year-old. The sad thing is it happens every day or two.

This video should have been appended to the last post. But it wasn’t. So here it is now.

Big Fall from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo.

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  • Wow Melanie!  You may have a little mystic on your hands.  She is certainly in tune with the Lord.  God bless Bella!!

  • Grrr. My comments seem to have gone astray.

    Mom, we’re thinking of setting her up with Dom’s old iPhone—it just needs a battery pack since its current battery won’t hold a charge. I’m curious as to whether she will listen to the podcasts if they are made available to her.

    She was saying morning prayer in her bed again this morning, Theresa tells me. Tree went in because Bella was screaming “Go away!” at Ben. He was looking for his paper fire engines and she wanted solitude for her morning devotions.


    I do listen to the podcasts often.  If the kids are around they may or may not listen. Sometimes Bella does ask me questions about them, so I know she does sometimes listen. But that would just give her the general idea of praying the office, it wouldn’t influence her selection of what to pray each day because she’s doing it before she gets out of bed. Usually I do the Office of Readings later in the day, often while folding laundry. However, unless she is misremembering what she really read and I have no reason to believe that she is imposing the memory of hearing the Office readings over what she actually “read”—she couldn’t have known what the reading for the day was before she said her own prayers.

    I do love the podcasts. The voices sometimes annoy me; but being able to pray while cooking or folding or driving is awesome.

    Mary Frances,
    So true about her being a little mystic. I know she is consciously modelling her behavior on St Rose of Lima and St Therese. She most certainly is trying her hardest to follow their example. It is rather humbling to see how sweetly and earnestly she prays.