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On Fasting

O my soul, give yourself up to repentance; be united to Christ in thought; cry out with groans: “Grant me pardon for my evil deeds that I may receive from you, who alone are good (cf. Mk 10,18), absolution and life eternal”… Moses and Elijah, those fiery towers, were great in their deeds… First among […]

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That I had wings like a dove

On Tuesday I was captivated by the verses from Psalm 55. Wednesday morning we went to Mass as a family at the Pastoral Center, where Dom works as is our custom on holy days. As I knelt before Mass my eyes were drawn to the beautiful Eucharistic Pyx in the shape of a dove that […]

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Fat Tuesday

I’ve never really understood the whole pancake on Fat Tuesday thing. I mean, I understand the history; but I’m just not that excited about pancakes for dinner. To me it would feel like a fast rather than a feast. So we had chicken stir-fry for dinner. We didn’t get around to making Anthony a cake […]

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Lent: Flight into the Desert

I say, “If only I had wings like a dove that I might fly away and find rest. Far away I would flee; I would stay in the desert. I would soon find a shelter from the raging wind and storm.” Recently I have felt so restless, so buffeted by raging winds and storms. My […]

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Happy Birthday, Anthony

It’s a cliche to say I can’t believe how time has flown; but it’s really amazing to me that my baby is one today. Though the evidence is before my eyes every day: he’s toddling around, sneaking out the back door when I’m not looking, grabbing food left on the table and pulling everything off […]

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Let’s Talk Television

I rarely talk about movies and tv here at The Wine Dark Sea; but that’s not because we never watch. Although I do go through periods where I don’t watch much, right now there are a few shows that I’m enjoying very much and I’ve been wanting to jot down some ideas about them. Perhaps […]

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