High Drama at the Store

High Drama at the Store

Bella and Sophie are playing a game in which the dad (played by elephant) won’t let the baby doll, whose name is Afadilla, go into the store.

Bella:“Let Afadilla go in the store!”

Sophie: “No!”

Bella: “Let Afadilla go to the store! Afadilla’s a person! She loves it. Any other day when the store is open Afadilla’s mother helps her in it!”

Bella is so into the game that she’s screaming and weeping, tears streaming down her face as she pleads for Afadilla to be allowed into the store. But when I tried to intervene to make Sophie play nice, Bella told me “It’s just a game, Mama,” and “It’s a part of the game that makes me sad.”

Ok then. I guess I’ll let it continue since it’s just a game. I just told Bella it makes me sad to see her cry. 

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  • A friend of mine just passed along your blog to me today and I am so glad she did!  I saw that you were tackling Till We Have Faces and thought you may be interested in Peter Kreefts free audio downloads.  I think I’ve listened to them all but he is a CS Lewis fanatic and has a talk specifcally on that book: 

  • priest’s wife, Enjoy!

    Cristina, Welcome! Thanks for the link. I love Peter Kreeft. I’ve listened to quite a few of his talks. Great to know about his Till We Have Faces lecture. I’ll be sure to listen.

  • I just listened to that Peter Kreeft talk last night. Amazing. Thank you again for telling me about it.