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7 Quick Takes

—1— Well, Wednesday I got to catch some glimpses of the newest Bettinelli. (Sadly, Dom had to stay home with the napping kids and so didn’t get to share in the excitement.) Now we know that we’re expecting a second little boy. I am so excited that Ben’s going to have a little brother! For […]

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My Bedtime Cleanup

You know what I love, one of the best parts of my day… it’s when I finally drag myself to bed at night and I have to pick up a bunch of random things off my bed. Tonight it was a wooden fish and a little white straw hat. The other day it was a […]

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Mount Messy House

On Saturday morning I faced a clear choice: have a fun day at the farm or stay home and clean up the disaster our house had become. I thought about what we would remember in five years and opted for the fun day at the farm rather than the chores at home. But this morning […]

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Reading Round the Net

It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved to do more than just throw links up in my Google Shared widget; but for some reason today I feel moved to do a linky post. Just cuz. 1. First, there’s Pope Benedict’s historical address to Parliament in Westminster Hall. The Bookworm brought it to my […]

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Weir River Farm

The big red barn. Dom recently found a great online deal for a membership in the Trustees of Reservations. They’re a private, non-profit organization that conserves over 100 properties in Massachusetts. Some of them are historic estates and farms, some are park lands and nature preserves. I’m not sure what this yellow flower was growing […]

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7 Quick Takes: Doll Train!

Wow. Have I really not posted anything here since Sunday? I have a bunch of blog posts I’ve started but never finished. But of course you can’t see that from out there, can you? I apologize to everyone who follows my Twitter feed or is friends with me on Facebook, since as usual most of […]

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The Most Holy Name of Mary

I didn’t remember today’s feast. We didn’t do anything to celebrate. And yet tonight Mary touched me anyway. She’s a good mother like that. Ben has been having a cranky week. Is it those teeth that stopped him from nursing back in June and have still still to actually break through the gums? Whatever it […]

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