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Happy Birthday, Mama Mary

Before I got out of bed this morning, I flipped on my iPod to say my morning prayers. I didn’t get very far before the horde descended. But at least it was a reminder about today’s joyous feast. I was able to tell Isabella: “Today’s is Holy Mary’s birthday!” Oh the wonderful light and wonder […]

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September Something

I took these photos of our sunflowers first thing this morning while the dew was still on the grass. Labor Day had been and gone and I find myself breathing a sigh of relief and welcoming the fall-like weather. The girls helped me plant this bed, poking dozens and dozens of seeds into the ground. […]

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Praying for baby Teresa

Little Tess was born last Monday. She got admitted to Children’s Hospital in D.C. yesterday. She needs surgery on her small intestine on Tuesday. Her mother writes: God is very good. I got her an emergency baptism at our old Hospital with a visiting Nigerian Priest and a Holy Cross Nun as her godmother this […]

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Bedtime Routine

Margaret asks: “What is your favorite bedtime routine?” I thought I might as well answer her here on my own blog first because my answer is so long and second because I’d like to capture this moment in time in this my ongoing chronicle that is the only record my children will have of their […]

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If You Give a Four Year-Old a Camera…

I pulled out the camera yesterday afternoon mainly because I really wanted to find a distraction for Bella. I was impressed by the number of interesting pictures she took. It goes without saying that for every interesting picture there were a dozen boring blurry shots of the ceiling or of the camera strap and some […]

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