Weir River Farm

Weir River Farm

The big red barn.

Dom recently found a great online deal for a membership in the Trustees of Reservations. They’re a private, non-profit organization that conserves over 100 properties in Massachusetts. Some of them are historic estates and farms, some are park lands and nature preserves.

I’m not sure what this yellow flower was growing on an arbor with seed pods that looked like oversized green beans.

During breakfast Dom was looking over the guide book they sent us and telling me about some of the different properties that are closest to us. One of them sounded immediately intriguing. Weir River Farm is in Hingham, right near the farmer’s market we often visit. In fact this year they began selling produce from their market garden at the farmer’s market. It’s a beautiful working farm with a great selection of animals.


On Saturdays they have an open barnyard and for a small fee (free if you’re a member) you can walk right in and see the horses, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, llama, goat, pigs. The sow was about to give birth “at any minute”; we didn’t spy the boar who wanders about in the woods.

Bella poses near the market garden.

We parked in the parking area at the top of Turkey Hill right near the market garden. Then we crossed the road and walked down through the fields to the barnyard.

Looking down toward the farm from the top of the hill near the parking lot.

I’ve seen few places in Massachusetts as lovely as that walk through the still-dewy upland fields. One of the places I could very easily fall in love with.

Sophie stares down a horse.

The barnyard was right out of a picture book, complete with big red barn and a stable with half a dozen horses.


Some of the chickens are in coops others are free range, wandering about the barnyard at will. Ben was a bit startled when one hen strutted out of the horse’s stall right beside him.

Ben finds a stick, just as entertaining as the goats and chickens!


The children were all enthralled by the cows. Why? Cows are boring. They just stand there. But still they love them.


Bella and Sophie loved the sheep. The sheep did not love them, though and kept running to the other end of the pasture.


We found a bridge where we played Pooh sticks. We took a little stroll through the woods.


I showed Bella some milkweed pods and we talked about monarch butterflies. She wanted to keep the seeds so we could plant some and attract monarchs to our garden.


We’re definitely going back to Weir River Farm again and again. Bella says we have to go soon to look at the piglets.


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