Playing Church

Playing Church


This afternoon I looked up from nursing Ben to see the girls both dressed up and kneeling down at the coffee table. They were singing quietly. I asked if they were praying and Bella replied, “No, we’re at Church.”

“You’re at Church; but not praying?”

“No, we’re singing.”

I explained that singing at Church is a kind of praying.

I’m bemused about the head coverings. No one in our parish covers her head for Mass. At our former parish, yes, there were a few older women who did. But that’s been more than a year. I can only guess maybe she’s thinking of the veils at her cousin’s first communion.

I wish I’d been able to get a better picture of Sophie in her little green headscarf. She was so adorable.

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  • My spiritual father once told me that this is the reason that sleep becomes more difficult as we age. He was referring to the middle-aged and elderly, of course; but I thought it was interesting how He makes up for our weaknesses and assures that we have time for prayer and repentance. He is very good.

  • What a beautiful insight. He is very good indeed.

    It’s funny because a while back I was reading something about the benefits of getting up before the kids to pray and how beneficial it is and I remember thinking very clearly how I could never do it and that if God wanted me up early he’d have to arrange it. I guess He did.

    It didn’t occur to me that you were implying that I’m getting old; but I laughed out loud at your apology. 

  • thank you. you have encouraged me. i have found your blog and i turn to it for encouragement in my walk