Magic Words: “Here You Go”

Magic Words: “Here You Go”

Today at the hospital the girls were snacking on cheese and cheerios.

I know, I know, bad enough I take them to the hospital during flu season but I even let them eat in my sister’s hospital room! I may live to regret that. However at the time lonely sister or screaming hungry children both seemed like worse options than the risk of infection. And I didn’t let them touch anything.

But that’s beside the point.

Sophie had a bag of Cheerios, Bella had the cheese. Sophie decided she was done with Cheerios and wanted cheese. Bella gladly surrendered the cheese and took the bag of Cheerios. Then some minutes later they gamely switched again.

What was this? Sharing? Voluntarily? With no screaming and no refereeing from me? Just two little girls gladly giving and taking. Ah bliss.

There is hope, isn’t there?

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