Sophie at 15 Months

Sophie at 15 Months

Yesterday I took Sophie for her 15 month checkup. She’d grown two inches since March! Now she weighs 21 pounds and stands 29 inches tall. She’s happy and healthy and right on track.

One more reason to like our new doctor: unlike at our former pediatrician’s office (and I really liked him, by the way) the doc herself gives the injections. She doesn’t have a nurse. And She let me hold Sophie in my arms while she stuck the needle into her leg instead of having me hold her down on the table. So, so, much less fuss and screaming. Oh she did scream when the needle went in; but the tears were over within moments as she pressed her face against my shoulder.

The entire appointment took less than half an hour, including wait time (less than five minutes). So afterward we went to the playground. We tried another new place and found a gem. This playground was recommended by a grandmother from our library story time. When we first drove up, I was dubious because this playground was attached to a school. Usually that means bigger school children overwhelming the little tots. We never took Bella to the elementary school near our house because of that. But I spotted quite a few strollers and little tots, so decided to give it a go.

Lots of swings, lots of slides and climbing toys. Many kids for the girls to play with. Plenty of tables and benches, and some good shade. Not that we needed it yesterday, it started to rain as we left, but I’m always on the lookout because some places are just no fun on hot days.

Sophie was pretty quiet at first, swinging and then cuddling with me while Bella ran about all over. Then she discovered the slide. And figured out how to climb the steps. And so over and over and over again Sophie slid. To the amazement of a bunch of other moms. She looks so tiny.

Bella is starting to really show her extroverted, gregarious side. I had hard time keeping tabs on her, she was everywhere. At one point she made friends with another mom and kept bringing her handful of bark, which Bella and several other kids were pretending was ice cream. She still spends quite a bit of time standing and watching other children; but now is much more prone to jump in and begin interacting with them.

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