Sunglasses and Potato Chips

Sunglasses and Potato Chips

I was overambitious today and boy did it come back to bite me. Sometimes I forget or at least ignore that I’m seven months pregnant and have two small children and that limits my ability to get things done. I think I’m supermom and I let my to do list take priority over my to be list.

We didn’t have story time at the library today; but our books were due. I could have just renewed them online. But somehow I forgot, in that way I have of holding two contradictory ideas in my head at once, and told Bella we were going to the library. Don’t make promises to three year olds. So I’d worked myself into a frenzy trying to write up my grocery list, package some books to mail off, placate a cranky Sophia who hadn’t eaten much at breakfast and thus needed a snack, and get everyone ready to go. And then I realized we didn’t have to leave by 9:45 because there was no story time and the library would still be there if we got there later. Still, both girls wanted to go, go, go and even after I stopped rushing, there was a sense of urgency to the whole getting out the door process.

We went to the post office and mailed our packages. All three were coincidentally going to the UK, which meant three customs forms. Why do they make the address box so very small on those when foreign addresses are invariably so very long?

Next we stopped by the library. I prepared Bella as best I cold telling her that we couldn’t stay long and we were only going to get three books. She was wonderfully helpful pulling the books out of the bag and putting them one by one into the book return and piling the cds on the counter; the librarian was impressed. Then maybe it was because there wasn’t the distraction of other kids, but the girls decided to divide and conquer. I had my hands full dealing with the whirlwind.

First, Sophie saw the big stuffed frog sitting on the shelf that she now considers her own private property. And she demanded it. Only to discard it moments later in favor of pulling books off the shelf. Bella pulled a book off the shelf and asked me to read it, then another then another, then she decided to sit and color, then to play with the puzzles. Sophie followed her around and started tossing the puzzles onto the floor while I was still putting the books back onto the shelves. I no sooner got all the puzzles picked up and put together than I had to go referee more book investigations. And so it went. Eventually we got three books, I got everything that had been pulled out put back, and scooped up the picture Bella had started to color and the pita bread Sophie had smuggled in and then discarded on the floor. And we checked out our books and said goodbye until next week.

By the time we got to the car major snacks were in order and I already needed a nap. Still, groceries had to be bought so after passing out cheese and raisins and more pita bread we headed off to the grocery store.

While I find grocery shopping tiring, it isn’t because the girls are poorly behaved. They actually do quite well, though I did have to tell Bella to stop throwing her new sunglasses onto the floor. She did stop throwing them but unfortunately they disappeared somewhere between picking up the last item on the list (two huge bags of charcoal) and the moment when the cart had been unpacked onto the conveyor belt. Poor distraught Bella. After the groceries were bagged and we had paid, I pushed the cart back through the store to see if I couldn’t find them. But they were gone. One pair of sparkly pink Pooh glasses given to her yesterday by her best friend, Dom’s coworker Anna.

All these errands too much longer than I’d calculated and by the time we got home both girls were in total meltdown as it was well past nap time. I had to be that mom and let a screaming Sophie toddle around by the front door, drool dripping and nose running while I carried the groceries into the house as fast as I could waddle. Interrupted, of course, by Bella needing my help to get to the bathroom before an accident happened.

I was not grace under fire. I was more like cursing, screaming, banshee mom, complete with hair falling out of my bun and into my face (By the way, how does it always know to do that when you are frazzled to the nth degree and have your hands full of screaming toddler?)

But I managed to get a few more bites of food down Sophie’s gullet before I decided to just give in and put her down for a nap. I even presented Bella with a plate of hot dog slices as she sat on the toilet so she didn’t have to choose between eating and an accident. Oh, don’t lecture me about it being unsanitary, it’s a hot dog for crying out loud!

Then Sophie safely snuggled in her bed with dancing sugarplums, I got Bella out of the bathroom, full of blueberries, and down for her nap. Only an hour later than her usual nap time! And then I collapsed into my recliner, put my feet up and instead of eating lunch indulged myself with root beer, chocolate eggs and salt and vinegar potato chips. (Come on, I did have some blueberries with Bella earlier, that counts as healthy, right?)

And I sent Dom an instant message telling him about our drama and my hero told me not to worry about the groceries, he’d put them away when he got home. Which he did. He came home a bit early, having stopped to buy Bella a new pair of glasses and a huge bottle of bubbles, and he put away the food and grilled dinner so I didn’t have to cook.

Grilled salmon with mango salsa and fresh corn on the cob. Followed by a happy splashy bath time made fun and exciting with new bath toys. And then cuter than ever Bella spontaneously kneeling down with her rosary to say prayers. I love it when she does that! And Sophie trying to join in with the Hail Mary. I’m sure that’s what she was trying to say.

Evidently Bella told Dom, “I lost my glasses and I was very sad and I cried. But then mama gave me a snack and I was better.” Yes, sometimes a handful of salt and vinegar chips do make everything better.

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