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Wee Sophie

Several times over the past couple of weeks it has really been brought home to me exactly how small my Sophie is. I know at her one year appointment the doctor told me Sophie was in the 25th percentile for height. But that’s just a number and doesn’t really mean anything to me. I know […]

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The World According to Bella

We found lobsters at the farmer’s market today for cheap, cheap, cheap. So of course my lobster-loving husband had to buy some. We were curious about what Bella’s reaction would be when we got them home. Would she be all lovey-dovey like she was last year? Or would she run screaming. I rather thought it […]

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7 Quick Takes:

Just squeaking through to make this on Friday. —1— I think I need to stop buying things online.  I’m 0 for 3 on my last 3 attempts. First there was the doll for Bella’s birthday. I thought I’d found the most adorable rag dolls. Perfect. I ordered one and Amazon shipped expeditiously. And I received […]

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Birding with Children

As birding has become one of my new occasional pastimes, my attention was grabbed by this post about resources for birding with children at the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival being hosted at Higher Up and Further In. Some good looking books, interesting links, and other things there, though many are of course currently above Bella’s […]

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Today’s Notes

Today was cold and rainy. We were stuck at home because Dom took the car in to get it inspected and have the oil changed. I was torn between baking muffins and sewing but opted for the latter as I can sew and sit while baking would require me to be on my feet and […]

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Book Review: The Walking People

This is a first novel by author Mary Beth Keane. I found the story and characters quite engaging. It was a good read all the way through; but then I was disappointed in the end of the novel. It felt incomplete, unsatisfactory. I wanted something more, some feeling of resolution. The main characters are a […]

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Bella Wears Shades

This morning we went to the park. A nice big park, with a trail looping a lake, winding through lovely green woods. Still exploring our new neighborhood. It’s so fun finding new places to visit. We didn’t walk far. Small children and pregnant women do not make for heroic expeditions. I’m still getting used to […]

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Rainbows, Smiles, Sisters

Woke this morning at quarter to five with a loud clap of thunder. The birds were already singing but I rolled over and went back to sleep. Glad the girls didn’t wake. The rain was over by the time we got up and we had a lovely sunny morning. Dom and I began cleaning out […]

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