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Saturday in Pictures

This morning there was a damp chill in the air and heavy clouds, ill omens for our planned first trip of the year to the farmer’s market. But we hurried through breakfast and hustled the girls into clothes and into the car just as the first drops began to fall. Within minutes a steady rain […]

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The Poetry of Ordinary Life

Karen Edmisten linked to this poem yesterday and reading it just about broke my heart. No, it’s not a sad poem, just so beautiful so extraordinary and yet ordinary, the grace of sunlight and babies and daily tasks transformed like water into wine. I read it out loud to Dom and Bella and Sophie and […]

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Idle Chatter

I’ve probably mentioned that one of Bella’s favorite questions at present is: “What are you talking about?” Tonight at dinner we were talking about, well, talking. Bella: “What are you talking about?” Me: “Talking.” Bella, frustrated: “What are you talking about?” Me: “Talking.” Bella, really getting upset: “No. What are you talking about?” Me, amused […]

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Some Thoughts on Abuse and Celibacy

This is not a fully-formed or well-articulated idea but something I want to try to work through to hear myself think out loud as it were. I’m slowing reading through Kathleen Norris’ The Cloister Walk, it’s a rich book and each chapter is a sort of stand-alone essay so it’s very easy to pick up […]

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Bella at 3

I took Bella to the pediatrician this morning for her 3-year physical. She was thirty pounds and thirty-seven inches tall. My long, leggy girl! I think this appointment was the first where she’s stood upright on the scale while the doctor measured her and weighed her. Maybe they did that at the 2-year, though. I […]

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Bella’s Birthday Celebrations

Isabella loves her lo mein. Sophie really loves eating Bella’s noodles and mine. (She was actually crying and rubbing her eyes right before I took this. Then she saw the camera and out came the beaming smile.) Bella meticulously opens her presents. She even threw away the wrapping paper before moving on the the next […]

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Happy Birthday, Bella!!!!

On this day three years ago I held Isabella in my arms for the very first time and my heart overflowed with joy. Now I look back on those pictures in amazement. How can it be that little tiny baby is now this great big girl? Bella’s first birthday. Mac and cheese at Chili’s Bella’s […]

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