Rainbows, Smiles, Sisters

Rainbows, Smiles, Sisters


Woke this morning at quarter to five with a loud clap of thunder. The birds were already singing but I rolled over and went back to sleep. Glad the girls didn’t wake.

The rain was over by the time we got up and we had a lovely sunny morning. Dom and I began cleaning out the minivan after the girls went down for their naps. Enough spilled food to feed an army. How long has it been since the van was vacuumed? Let’s just say there were pine needles in there. But more clouds rolled in this afternoon and we rushed inside, the job unfinished, as it began to pour. A good hard shower with lots of fireworks, a calm with a bit of sun sparkling on the grass and then more rain. A rainbow arcing across the sky long enough for us all to crowd in the doorway, stand and stare.

Bella was heartbroken when at length it disappeared. “Where did the rainbow go? I want it!” I tried to explain that a rainbow is like a kiss from God, a brief thing that goes away. Like Bella’s kisses and hugs, they never last long enough to satisfy her greedy mother. I’m not sure the analogy worked for her.

After dinner a sight that was so sweet: Bella taking Sophie by the hand and leading her around the house. Sophie never protested but allowed herself to be dragged, the happy little sister, grateful for the attention. Oh the sweetness of sisters!

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