Wee Sophie

Several times over the past couple of weeks it has really been brought home to me exactly how small my Sophie is. I know at her one year appointment the doctor told me Sophie was in the 25th percentile for height. But that’s just a number and doesn’t really mean anything to me. I know she’s still wearing 9-12 month clothes. But even that doesn’t really give me a yardstick for comparison. Meeting other moms and kids, though, that makes it real.

First there was the 13 month old who was so very much larger than Sophie. And yet she couldn’t walk or talk yet so in other ways Sophie was much more advanced. And then there was the 6 month old who was the same size as my little peanut. His mom told me he was in the 98th percentile. Boy what a large lad! As tall as Sophie, weighing at least as much if not more, and yet he couldn’t even sit up by himself. It was very odd to see the two of them side by side.

It’s funny because most of the time she’s just my Sophie and seems perfectly normal. And then I see other moms marveling that she’s walking and talking and I realize how tiny she is.

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