Birding with Children

Birding with Children

As birding has become one of my new occasional pastimes, my attention was grabbed by this post about resources for birding with children at the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival being hosted at Higher Up and Further In.

Some good looking books, interesting links, and other things there, though many are of course currently above Bella’s level, they might be good resources for me and Dom.

But what really excited me were these Audobon plush birds that play real bird songs. They are so cute and I really love that they play the bird songs. Dom’s got a great app for his iPhone that plays songs of the various birds and I love using it and have started to recognize some of our neighborhood birds by their songs. I’m pretty sure I know the robin, the titmouse, the sparrows and the jays, I think I even know the oriole. I’d love for the girls to be able to do the same. Many of these birds are also available on Amazon, for a little less money, and I’ve added a few of the birds we’ve been seeing in our backyard this spring, plus some we’ve been seeing at the parks, to Isabella’s wish list.

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  • I recently had a problem with an online purchase too. I ordered a white shirt with blue embroidery from Eddie Bauer and the shirt that came was white with gray embroidery. Turns out there was a misprint in the catalog and online. I returned it – was pretty with blue though.

    Cecilia is likewise very opinionated and very willful but often her opinions fluctuate (like she will say she doesn’t like a food today but a week from now she will eat it).

    Hope your peppers perk up. Is there anyone you can ask if there is anything else you can do for them? My grandparents are good at growing tomatoes but I don’t think they grow peppers.

    We so very much need to clean out of van. Glad you got that done. I can’t wait for mine to have that nice clean new look and feel.

  • Oh, how I empathise with the opinionated three-year-old-itis. Cherub apparently hit three developmentally about six weeks early wink. I only wish our “I don’t want to” moments were as quick to resolve. A fair amount of sitting stubbornly on the stairs with her bottom lip stuck out as far as it will go is involved here. People talk about the “terrible twos” but I’ve never had a problem with two … three has been a whole different ball game, and it looks like we are headed down the same road again. Maybe it is a girl thing? Opinionated. Stubborn. Independent. Eek!

  • Dom and I were just remarking yesterday how 3 seems so much more difficult than 2. At least we know we’re not alone. I’ve been wondering if some of it was a bit of pre-baby anxiety too but it’s interesting to see that she’s tracking pretty closely with Cherub. I do remember seeing your first posts on Cherub’s disobedient streak and thinking we weren’t having that problem. Thought too soon, I guess.

    I don’t mean to give the impression that resolution always happens quickly or easily. Just that I’ve found a tactic that works more often than not. We still have significant drawn out struggles, especially at bedtime when Bella is already tired. So far I haven’t found an equivalent of sitting on the stairs. We don’t have an easily identifiable location to park Bella and I haven’t exactly sought i out. I’m beginning to think I might have to rethink that.

  • My guess is that it is more just being 3 than anything baby related. Doesn’t Montessori talk about developmental changes at 3? It *is* just a phase and they come out the other side. I’m finding it easier this time round because I know what to expect, and also because Cherub is so very like Angel at the same age. 

    Ack! As I type Cherub is taking her shoes out of the suitcase complaining “I don’t want my starry shoes, I want my summer ones …”

  • “I don’t want my starry shoes, I want my summer ones …”

    Yikes! Well I hope she let you finish packing and doesn’t have too many tantrums on your holiday. Have a lovely trip to Weymouth.