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A Matter of Habit

from the Anchoress in honor of World Day of Prayer for Vocations & the Habit, a reflection on the meaning of the habit: Sister had a delusion; she justified forsaking the habit with themes of solidarity, compassion and humility but in truth her story illustrated egoism and presumption. She bemoaned a possibility of cheating a […]

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What Does it Mean to Be Fed?

Recently Dom and I were discussing the institution of the parish nursery and the desirability of bringing toddlers to Mass. I was rather surprised when two mothers of my acquaintance were in favor putting their children in the nursery when they are between the ages of 18 months and three and a half because, they […]

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In theTunnel

My parents sent Sophie this collapsible crawl tunnel for Christmas. Until this week Bella has been the one to play with it while Sophie watched and laughed. Then suddenly this week I looked up and Sophie was in the tunnel, laughing and shrieking.

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Today Bella and Sophie and I went to our first story time at the library. There were about six other 2-3 year-olds there and a couple of younger sisters about Sophie’s age. Each of the children was given a yellow duck name tag on a ribbon blue ribbon to hang about their necks.  They all […]

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