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Defensiveness and Objective Truth

Amy has a great post up (delightfully rambling in a way that makes me feel much less guilty for my frequent verbal meanderings) about online arguments and people’s defensiveness and inability to accept criticism. It’s worth a read. But what I wanted to highlight for myself (and for anyone else who might care) was this […]

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Thoughts on Death and Grief

from “The Tears of Abraham,” an essay by R.R. Reno: Abraham�s mourning over Sarah tells us something about the psychological effect of what Hans Urs von Balthasar calls �the dramatic rhythm� of salvation history. The covenant promise cannot help but sharpen the outlines of human experience. The future that God promises throws death into a […]

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An Unsavory View

Stuck in the waiting room this morning for a long time, television on. Don’t get me started about how much I hate the ubiquitous need for background noise. Impossible to read not only because Bella was with me but because of the yammering tube I just can’t tune out. I don’t want to watch it; […]

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Backyard Birds

I opened the blind above my kitchen sink this morning and saw a hawk (not clearly enough to identify precisely what he was) sitting on the fence right beside our minivan. He kept diving at the little sparrows in the bushes, I couldn’t see them but could hear their twittering, and returning to his perch […]

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Growing Pains

Bella does something to her hair while she’s asleep. Or maybe it’s Queen Mab and her flock of little people. Every morning when she awakes the hair above her forehead is teased and matted into a terrible mess that takes me forever to untangle. I’ve made my own detangling spray with some conditioner and water […]

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Two by Peter Kreeft

I just finished reading Best Things in Life. Very enjoyable, as I’ve found every one of Peter Kreeft’s books that I’ve picked up so far. The Best Things in Life is a Socratic dialogue, literally. Socrates shows up at a modern college campus, Desperate State University, and engages two students, Peter Pragma and Felicia Flake, […]

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Reading the Signs

A new trend, or maybe not so new, maybe just a new awareness on my part, finally putting the pieces together: Bella frequently gets very insistent about reading books when there’s an underlying issue such as hunger or tiredness. Often when I find myself frustrated by the tenth repetition of “please, again,” when I think […]

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Jesus of Nazareth

For my Lenten reading I’m slowly working my way through the Holy Father’s latest book. I’ve been reading a little bit at a time just before bed each night. As I remarked to Dom last night before he drifted off, I feel like I’m only skimming the surface. Not because this is a hard book […]

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