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A New Arrival…. No, Not Ours

Well, I didn’t have a leap baby. And given that it’s now ten pm and I’ve only had occasional contractions today (like maybe two or three an hour at most), I think it’s safe to assume she’s not coming in the next 2 hours. (Phew!) Sorry to all those who were cheering me on; but […]

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Pope Benedict on Prayer

This is what prayer really is—being in silent inward communion with God. It requires nourishment, and that is why we need articulated prayer in words, images, or thoughts. The more God is present in us, the more we will really be able to be present to him when we utter the words of our prayers. […]

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Prayer Request

I recently found out that my cousin and his wife are expecting a baby right now too. They’ve had a couple of miscarriages and I know this baby is especially longed-for. What I didn’t know until today is that her due date is the same day as mine! So if you have a moment offer […]

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Catholics, Come Home

Must-see videos, via Dom. Part of a new evangelization effort by the diocese of Phoenix and quite impressive. Not only do they have high production values and get the message just right, putting Christ’s love and mercy front and center, they also counter so many of the false impressions of the Church that are out […]

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this picture was meant to go on the post from Monday The big mugs are what Mandy calls “hobbit mugs”, meant to evoke the scene in The Lord of the Rings films when Pippin exclaims: “It comes in pints!?!” In other words, each probably holds more than a liter of liquid. Bella’s mug is closer […]

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mommy’s little helper

This morning as I was saying morning prayers, Bella brought Dom’s dirty socks in from where he’d left them last night by the desk in the dining room and put them in the laundry hamper with no prompting from me. I love it. She also helps me put away the groceries and to empty the […]

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Just like mommy

At Bella’s bedtime prayers Dom sits on the ottoman while I sit in the rocking chair with Bella in my lap. Recently I’ve been putting my swollen feet up on Dom’s lap and he’s been rubbing them. Last night and again tonight as soon as I put my feet up Bella tugged away the blanket […]

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oops, meant to post this yesterday (2/25) but forgot. One year ago today I woke up after a night with strong cramping, pretty sure I was losing the baby. But it was a Sunday morning and I ignored the pains and started to get ready for mass anyway. It was only when I’d got Bella […]

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Books, Grandma, Please

Today an extra-special treat. We met grandma at mass and then she came to our house for breakfast. While daddy was flipping pancakes, Bella shared some of her favorite books with grandma. Then, after breakfast, she shared some more. Poor grandma, I think she was getting hoarse! But Bella sure loved all the attention and […]

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