Missionary Work

Missionary Work

Bella’s naptime reading choice today: a novena to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The Missionaries of Charity sent me the pamphlet and some holy cards last year when my sister-in-law asked them to pray for me following my miscarriage and cancer diagnosis.

Bella has been playing with all my holy cards during morning prayer time and loves naming the saints. Her favorites are Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, St. Therese, St. Teresa Benedicta, Mother Teresa, and Pope John Paul II (who she simply calls “Paul” and who she often confuses with Pope Benedict, who she also calls “Paul”, though maybe she’s trying to say “pope”.)

Anyway, Bella noticed the pamphlet on the top of the bookshelf when I picked her up and, recognizing Mother Teresa, wanted to hold it. She sat down on the floor immediately and began “reading” it to herself.

When we went to go settle for her nap she was still carrying the pamphlet and rejected all other book offers I made. So I began reading the prayers and eventually she fell asleep, perfectly content at her choice of bedtime “story”. And I got some unplanned prayer time, a little peaceful interlude in my afternoon. Sometimes God is so good, he gives us what we need without our even asking.

Thank you God for your servant Isabella, my little missionary of your love.

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  • The one on the table is The Mitten by Jan Brett. Very cute story, gorgeous illustrations. Definitely worth picking up.

    The book in grandma’s hands is Prayers for Children, a Little Golden Book. It’s got some cute prayers and religious poems in it, though rather Protestant in flavor. 

    Other books grandma read: Madeline; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

  • We should add that this was Grandma Bettinelli and that Grandma Scott should be arriving on Wednesday and Isabella will be in high heaven after that. … I hope, since her new baby sister will be getting a lot of attention soon after.