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Life’s fairy tale ending is heaven

Jen linked to an interesting blog post by Simcha titled “Kids Need Happy Endings”. Too often, modern movies train kids to pay lip service to a very mealy-mouthed kind of alternate wish fulfillment. The theme goes like this: here is a very special girl, who doesn’t quite fit in. She runs into some kind of […]

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Thrift Store Treasures

I’ve been meaning to go in for a while. The ever-changing array of colorful children’s toys, strollers and the like that line the sidewalk in front of the store have been calling me for some time. But i’m always hurrying from one place to another when I drive down that particular stretch of road. And […]

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A Little Child Shall Lead

Check out this beautiful story from Radical Catholic Mom about her wounded brother and her two-year old daughter who is leading him gently back into a relationship with God. To me one of the most beautiful and humbling things about being a mother, and one of the most completely unexpected gifts, is this of watching […]

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A good, good girl

Guess I’ve been working on positive reinforcement recently. Isabella drops her Cheerios on the floor and I ask her to pick them up and put them in the bowl. When she cheerfully complies, I say: “Thank you, very much for picking them up. Good girl.” When she puts the lids back in the drawer or […]

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What’s your mothering style?

Mother Styles Quiz I’m posting my results because they fit me so well. I already knew I was INTP. But this description of what it means to my mothering style tickles me. Your type is:  intp   �The �Love of Learning� Mother �I keep the encyclopedia in the kitchen so we can look up things […]

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“Fantasy and the Heart of a Child”

I enjoyed this short essay by Bryan Davis about the value of fantasy and fairy tales for children. Wonderfully politically incorrect with clear differentiation of gender roles. Here’s an excerpt: Fantasy is not a lie, because it doesn�t pretend to be true.  It is a vision, the mind�s dramatic sketch of what we were meant […]

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The cutenes that is Isabella

This morning Isabella woke up in a pretty good mood for a change. Before I could even get her to the changing table, she heard the lawn crew outside and demanded to be put down. She raced to the kitchen window and lifted the shade to watch the lawnmowers go by, a cute little cherub […]

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On Changelings and Stolen Children

I just discovered Untangling Tales a new (to me) blog about storytelling, fables, and fairytales via a comment lift by the blogger in a recent thread at Words, words. She links to an interesting essay about changelings in European folklore, especially the stories collected by the Brothers Grimm. I’m familiar, of course, with the changeling […]

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