A Little Child Shall Lead

A Little Child Shall Lead

Check out this beautiful story from Radical Catholic Mom about her wounded brother and her two-year old daughter who is leading him gently back into a relationship with God.

To me one of the most beautiful and humbling things about being a mother, and one of the most completely unexpected gifts, is this of watching my daughter learn how to love God and seeing how she in her sweet innocence reminds me to pray and leads me closer to heaven, one baby step at a time. Just this past Sunday as we were leaving our pew after mass she dropped without any prompting from us into a little squat, I could tell it was meant for a genuflection, and said “Hi, Jesus!”  We’ve not yet tried to instruct her to genuflect because I didn’t think she was physically ready. She really can’t genuflect, but she can make her own kind of bodily reverence.

It made me realize yet again that she’s watching me, copying what I do. I teach her even when I do not consciously set out to do so. She’ll copy the good as well as the bad, so I’d better make sure that I’m setting a good example.

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  • Somehow I missed out on the Hollly Hobby thing when I was a girl. My mom was never big on buying us brand name toys or keeping up with the fads. I never had Barbie or a Cabbage Patch Kid, for example. But if I find a Holly Hobby doll as cheap as this was, it might just become part of our collection.

  • I absolutely LOVE thrift stores, and especially the ones that let you trade in your old kid clothes for store credit!  My theory…they’re going to get a stain on it within 24 hrs of wearing a new shirt/pants/etc anyway…so if you can start of with a small stain, for lots less money, all the better!

    And hand-me-downs are awesome, too!