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Weaning Progress

Tonight for the third or fourth time Isabella went to bed without nursing and without even asking to nurse. She had a very difficult time falling asleep early on. Even in the hospital everyone noted how alert she always was. She hardly slept at all. Not what I expected from a newborn. And during the […]

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Outing! Updates

Finally got out of the house today. We met with some friends we haven’t seen in a long time and had a nice dinner at a cute brew pub in Waltham. Traffic was really light so we got there early and took a little walk down to the river and then stopped in for a […]

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Mr Blue

I’m currently reading Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly. The title character is a sort of holy fool, fascinated by color, children’s picture books and the movies. This passage really struck me. At first it seems very naive; but the last sentence strikes home with a profound insight: But now we have a new art, luminous, […]

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I think it’s official. Not allergies but a cold or some other nasty thing. I was up at 3:45 again this morning, didn’t get back to bed till after 6. I got a great deal of reading in, though. The nice thing was Bella slept until 9:15, a rare treat. I feel absolutely miserable, nothing […]

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Father Philip on Spiritual Warfare

Fr. Philip, my favorite blogging Dominican friar and campus minister at my alma mater, has just posted a homily with a perspective on spiritual warfare I’ve never heard before. I have, however, found myself arguing some of these positions with Catholics whose faith has been terribly shaken by various scandals in the Church. Here’s an […]

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Stuffed Up

It’s either very bad allergies or the beginnings of a head cold. The past two mornings I’ve had to pop a Sudafed on waking up, I was so congested and gagging on mucus. I love Sudafed, the 12 hour pill, the four hour ones for some reason do nothing even if I take more than […]

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Bella in a Brown Dress

I took these pictures on Monday afternoon, mostly because I thought Bella looked so charming in this dress. I prettied her up because I had to take her to my first appointment at my new OB’s office and wanted the cuteness factor to mitigate any bad temper we might encounter. She behaved beautifully during my […]

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