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Walking in St. Mary’s Cemetery

Isabella and I went for a lovely walk this morning in the enormous Catholic cemetery that is just down the street from our house. We had walked down there a few times right right after we moved in this June; but never ventured very far in. Soon the walk became too strenuous, a little too […]

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Prayer Request

Please pray for my mother-in-law, Virginia. She’s suffering from shingles and is in severe pain. I don’t mind some pain but this gets up to a “9” in a run of 0-10 and it is hard to function. . . . I offer it up too but I can’t imagine the pain Jesus had to […]

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Comforting Isabella

O, my prophetic soul! No sooner had I written about my inability to protect Isabella from the slings and arrows of this fallen world than she falls and receives the worst cut she’s yet had. No, it wasn’t a major injury. No stitches needed, despite her mother’s first terrified fears. Just another injury to add […]

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What world will your children live in?

At Life Without School Marjorie, a homeschooling mom, ponders the question: “How do you prepare a kind and gentle soul for the harsh realities of the world?” Her response is interesting. On the one hand, she says, it’s her job to protect her children from those harsh realities and if she does that job and […]

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Predictions about the future

This afternoon Dom was reading me this list of Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future, some of which are laughably funny. But some of them got me thinking. The predictions seem so off-base from our perspective; but made sense given what people knew at that time and how they saw the world. One of […]

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Bedtime Woes

Tonight was the third night in a row she’s cried herself to sleep. She kept hitting at her jaw with her fist. Is it teething woes? She had her fingers in her mouth most of today and drool down to her elbow at mass this morning. Or could it be an ear ache? Would that […]

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New Words

She’s started to say “I fall.” Sometimes she says it before she drops to the ground, which is really cute. She also says “fall” when she or anyone else drops something. While watching football, Dom has taught her “niiiice!” and “touchdown!” Lots more food words. And, finally, nose and mouth. Of all the new words, […]

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Chuck E Cheese

My niece, Chiara, had a party yesterday to celebrate her fifth birthday. We met up with her family and a few other families, mostly from the Catholic homeschooling group, at Chuck E. Cheese for pizza, games, and cake and ice cream. Bella had fun. There was a toddler-sized play area and she enjoyed the slide, […]

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Autumn in the Neighborhood

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings Bella and I braved the damp and took some lovely walks around the neighborhood. She only protested a little when I put the rain cover on the stroller. I collected colorful leaves as they caught my eye and handed them to her as we went. She’s almost as enthusiastic about […]

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Braxton Hicks

I don’t remember having them this early with Bella. Then again, with her it took me some time before I even figured out what they were. They don’t really feel like what I thought contractions would feel like and it took a direct question from my OB with a better description than any of the […]

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