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Magnolia in the fall

I’ve tentatively identified the tree in our yard as a magnolia based on the leaf shape, flower, and dried seed cones I’ve found. But there are definite differences between it and the southern species I knew in Texas. This northern magnolia has larger leaves that are less stiff and waxy. Its flowers are smaller, less […]

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Vocations Video

Check out this lovely video by the Dominican nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary in Summit, New Jersey. I love the Moniales blog because it offers a peek into the daily lives of these cloistered nuns. Reading about their lives and seeing the pictures always brings peace to my day. One […]

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Reflection for Today

from Saint Silouan (1866-1938), Orthodox monk If you want to pray with the mind in the heart and do not manage to do so, say your prayer with your lips and fix your mind on the words of the prayer, as is said in the Ladder of Perfection [of St John Climacus]. With time the […]

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Language explosion

I’d read that language acquisition doesn’t happen at a constant rate over a period of time; but in bursts. Suddenly it will seem that something connects, new pathways open in the brain, and a child goes through a flurry of learning. This past week Isabella certainly seems to be going through a language growth spurt, […]

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“weaker vessels”

Jessica at Homemaking Through the Church Year writes an interesting reflection on “the ideas set forth in 1 Peter 3, the famous “weaker vessel” passage.” I guess what I’m trying to say is that I used to try to find some airy-fairy, abstract meaning behind St. Peter’s words, and now I’m tending to take them […]

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Inspired by literacy chic, I made an impulse buy today: little pink hair elastics for Bella. This afternoon I tried them out and made her first ponytails. I thought they came out rather well. And though she fussed a little at first, they stayed in until bedtime. I love this expression. I call it her […]

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Mothering in Sickness and in Health

Rachel Balducci of Testosterhome has written a lovely column for Respect Life Sunday. She describes a phenomenon I’ve encountered many times and has the perfect response: There is an interesting exchange people like to have with a pregnant woman. It goes something like this: Boy or girl? You don�t know? Well, as long as the […]

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The “Aha!” Moment

My first and favorite literature professor in college, Fr. Maguire, whom everyone called Father Mac, said that for him the difference between an “A” paper and a “B” paper was not so much the content of the argument or how well it was supported, or how well the essay was written; but that he could […]

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