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Learning Notes Week of April 17

Monday April 17 Took a post-Easter holiday to rest and relax, since Easter Sunday, while joyful, is also very busy and far from relaxing. Tuesday April 18 Ben did math and letters and copywork. Anthony did math, reading aloud (life of St Martin of...

Learning Notes Week of April 10 (Holy Week)

Yeah, we did some school work during Holy Week. But a lighter schedule. Same with Easter week. Moderation and balance in all things. I really feel like I’ve been slipping and I need to keep one toe in the water lest we lose all momentum. At...

Learning Notes Week of April 3

Monday April 3 Dentist first thing this morning and then we went clothes shopping. Afternoon stories: St Patrick’s Summer, Akimbo and the Elephants, Story of the World. Bella wrote a little one page guide to trees and began a little handmade book of...