Learning Notes Week of April 10 (Holy Week)

Learning Notes Week of April 10 (Holy Week)

Impatient Lucia waiting for the Easter feast.
Palm Sunday.

Yeah, we did some school work during Holy Week. But a lighter schedule. Same with Easter week. Moderation and balance in all things. I really feel like I’ve been slipping and I need to keep one toe in the water lest we lose all momentum. At the same time we sort of need a break to regroup. So it is what it is. We do what we can and hope to do better in the future.

Monday April 10

Bella did copywork, math, Latin, dictation, read Gospel aloud. Currently reading Anne of Windy Poplars.

Sophie did math and copywork.

Ben did math and copywork and letters book.

Anthony did math. He has been seen reading Penelope Lively’s In Search of a Homeland, a version of the Aeneid. Also Rosemary Sutclff’s Odyssey. At the end of the day he decided to read and do copywork so as to get iPad privileges. He read me the story about Benjamin West from Stories of Great Americans and copied a sentence.

Afternoon stories: Akimbo and the Lions, St Patrick’s Summer, Story of the World.

Bedtime Stories: Julia’s House for Lost Creatures, Mission to Pluto.

Playing outside in the spring weather.

Tuesday April 11

Everyone did copywork and math. Then we took a trip to Target.The day was gorgeous so everyone ate lunch outside.

Afternoon stories: Akimbo and the Lions, St Patrick’s Summer.

Anthony and I looked up pictures by Benjamin West to go with Monday’s reading.

Bedtime Story: Song of the Swallows.

Lunch al fresco.
Lunch al fresco.

Wednesday April 12

Everyone did math and copywork, mostly working outside. Sophie helped Ben with his math. Anthony read to me from Stories of Great Americans.

Grocery store.

Afternoon stories: Finished Akimbo and the Lions, Story of the World, picture book about Cupid and Psyche, Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls. Read today’s Gospel reading.

Bedtime story, second half of Song of the Swallows

Ben does math in the playhouse.
Ben does math in the playhouse. Sophie helps.
Ben does math in the playhouse. Sophie helps. Lucy does not.
Anthony and Bella working outside.
Anthony working outside.

Thursday April 13

Everyone did math and copywork. Anthony read to me about St Bernard of Clairvaux. He also is still talking about Benjamin West.

Afternoon Stories: Began Akimbo and the Baboons. Also David MacAuley’s City. And read today’s Gospel.

Took big three, Bella, Sophie and Ben, to holy Thursday Mass. Anthony and Lucy stayed home with Daddy and went to bed early.

Bella does math.
Anthony reading.

Friday April 14

No school work on Good Friday. I made hot cross buns in the morning and we ate them after we prayed the stations of the cross at 3pm. Bella and Sophie did some cleaning. Mostly the kids played outside. We did take a nice walk all together.

I took the girls to the liturgy of the Lord’s Passion at 7pm. It was late and long, but worth it. They really enjoyed going.

Altar stripped for Good Friday, but someone brought some flowers.
Stations of the Cross.
Stations of the Cross.
Stations of the Cross.
Hot cross buns for Good Friday
Good Friday Passion Liturgy.

Holy Saturday

I spent the day baking. The kids did a lot of cleaning. And they also dyed eggs with Dom. Easter Vigil wasn’t in the cards this year for a lot of reasons.

Egg dying.
Amaretti for Lucy.
Easter challah.

Easter Sunday

Mass, then came home to cook and eat Easter dinner and then we went to have dessert and an egg hunt with the cousins at Uncle John’s house.

While I made Easter dinner the kids drew on the driveway with their new sidewalk chalk. There were some lovely Easter themes.

Lucia’s Easter bonnet.
Easter finery photo.
Ben’s crucifix with blood and water pouring from Jesus’ side.
Ben’s picture of the empty tomb with an angel sitting on the stone that has been rolled away.
Sophie’s triumphant risen Lamb of God.
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