Learning Notes Week of April 3

Learning Notes Week of April 3

Lucy helps Daddy fix the computer.

Monday April 3

Dentist first thing this morning and then we went clothes shopping.

Afternoon stories: St Patrick’s Summer, Akimbo and the Elephants, Story of the World.

Bella wrote a little one page guide to trees and began a little handmade book of her own poems, both illustrated beautifully.

Bedtime story: Snake and Lizard, Mission to Pluto.

Bella’s guide to trees.
Bella’s poetry collection

Tuesday April 4

Sophie did math, copywork, read to me from 50 famous stories, duolingo French. A good narration of her read aloud.

Anthony did math, read to me, and not much copywork, two words.

Ben did math, letter pages, copywork, did not read to me.

Bella did copywork, math,  read a Latin lesson to me, chose a dictation sentence, narrated an oral composition about Julius Caesar. She also worked on a comic strip based on the adventures of Waddle the stuffed penguin who is a space explorer and a paleontologist and a vulcanologist.

Ben was asking questions about Akimbo at breakfast, counting that as a narration. They were good questions that showed he’s been thinking about the story.

Afternoon stories: St Patrick’s Summer, Akimbo and the Elephants. Good discussion about both. Review of the sacraments in St Patrick’s Summer. Anthony asked about why the Eucharist is called The Blessed Sacrament. We talked about lying in Akimbo.

Bedtime stories: Triangle, Snake and Lizard, I Am Jane Goodall.

Ben’s volcano cartoon

Wednesday April 5

Morning: went to the wake. Then out to lunch, sushi which everyone enjoyed.

Afternoon stories: Finished Akimbo and the Elephants. Read a picture book about Alexander the Great and a really excellent  but rather depressing one about the Great Auk.

Bedtime stories: Snake and Lizard, One Morning in Maine.

Anthony eats Japanese noodles.
Bella and Sophie with a bento box
Lucy with sushi
Japanese restaurant selfie.

Thursday April 6

Afternoon stories: Akimbo and the Lions, Archimedes Takes a Bath, Du Izt Tak?

Discussion about Archimedes using mirrors burn ships at sea led us to look at videos of fresnel lenses and parabolic mirrors, then physics girl on “oxygen is a magnet” and “why are plants black”. Then we looked up several articles on birds’ magnetic sense and photos of birds’ ears.

Bedtime stories: Snake and Lizard, book about Pluto and New Horizons.

Bella studies Latin.
Lucy writing.

Friday April 7

Anthony did math. Ben did math and his letter book. Then both disappeared outside to enjoy the sunny day and the proliferation of mud puddles. Ben was feeling pretty low after a night of poor sleep due to the cold that’s going around.

Sophie is feeling sick with a cold, but still managed to do a math page and copywork. Nothing else, though.

Bella woke up with a surplus of get it done energy. First, she tidied her room. Then she picked up the living room Then she did math, copywork, reviewed Latin, recorded an oral composition about Jupiter, and studied her dictation sentence and practiced writing mercy, which she was having trouble spelling. Then she went and cleaned out the van and vacuumed it.

Afternoon stories: Akimbo and the Lions, Plutarch’s Lives, Story of the World, Librarian Who Measured the Earth.

Kids watched documentary that followed tiger cubs in India.

Bedtime story: Snake and Lizard, Thunder Cake.

Bella has been reading: Mission Jupiter, How I killed Pluto, World War 2 Battling in the Pacific.

Spelling practice.
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