Learning Notes Week of November 13

Learning Notes Week of November 13

Monday November 13

Anthony did math, read a saint story, did copywork (the Scout Oath)

Ben did math, Explode the Code, copywork (Scout Law)

Sophie did math and copwork

Bella did math and a history quiz on Khan Academy and did copywork.

Read: Pegeen, King of Ireland’s Son, Augustus Caesar’s World, Book of Angels, Saint Francis Xavier

Bella is reading Rilla of Ingleside and Sophie is reading Howl’s Moving Castle.


Manning the barricades. Or maybe it’s a fort. Or a trench.

Tuesday November 14

Anthony: math, history, copywork

Ben: math, copywork, Bob book, Explode the Code

Sophie: math, copywork, dictation, French geography

Bella: math Khan Academy, history narrated (Great Depression), copywork, dictation, wirtten narration.

Read: Pegeen, King of Ireland’s Son, Story of the World, Book of Angels, North with the Spring— about monarch butterflies and scent trails left by males explaining swarming behavior and returning to the same trees year after year (but no explanation about why there are fewer males in the spring.)


Anthony writing the scout oath.

Wednesday November 15

Anthony: math, history, copywork (Scout Law), read to me from Stories of Great Americans about Charles Goodyear and rubber. Funny because he’d doodled a blimp on his math page. And then as I listened to him read I doodled a blimp on the whiteboard and labeled it “Goodyear”. I love those little coincidences.

Ben: math, copywork (Scout Oath), Explode the Code

Sophie: math, copywork

Bella: math Khan Academy, copywork

Read: Pegeen, King of Ireland’s Son, Augustus Caesar’s World


Anthony’s blimp.

Thursday November 16

We drove to Salem to attend the funeral for Father Murphy, our beloved former pastor at Immaculate Conception, where Dom and I met. Fr. Murphy was a good friend. He presided at our wedding and baptized our first three children.

We left early because it’s a long drive and we wanted to be sure to have seats. Then we stayed after the Mass for sandwiches and cookies and got home right at dinner time.

Of course no one did any school work. But some things are much, much more important than math and reading.


Friday November 17

Anthony did math, copywork, read about St Gertrude.

Ben did math, Explode the Code.

Bella did math, copywork, read from Book of Marvels.

Sophie did math, copywork.

Read some library books about rocks, Pegeen.


Saturday November 18

I took Ben, Bella, Sophie to the McMullen Museum of Art for a class about perspective. I’ll write more about that in a separate post.

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