Easter Week Begins with a Bang

Sleeping Ben

Sleeping Ben

Monday of Easter week Dom had off because here in Massachusetts it was Patriot’s Day, aka the day they run the Boston Marathon. We’d thought about going for a drive, but got to a late start and didn’t do much. I sorted through Anthony’s clothes and weeded out all the too small stuff. Dom fixed the broken closet door.

Anthony and Ben went with Dom to Home Depot to get supplies and Ben fell asleep hard. So hard that when they got to Target Dom couldn’t wake him up and so draped him over the cart while they shopped. Ben slept all the way home and then for several hours more on the couch. He woke up in time for dinner but instead of eating he threw up. Then he fell back to sleep. But he woke up chipper and in top form today.

Today, Tuesday, I got a late start because Ben and Lucy were tag-teaming me in the small hours of the morning. I think they woke me up every half hour between 4:30 and 6:30. Just as I was finishing up my pre-school tidying, Lucia climbed onto a dining room chair, tipped it over, and knocked one of her lower incisors out of place. We took an emergency trip to the dentist where Lucy got her first x-ray. The dentist said we’d just leave the tooth for now and if it didn’t get infected or bother her too much, we’d see what happened.

When we got home Lucy got down and started running around in the driveway. She didn’t seem put out at all. I was worried about feeding her. She has a deep antipathy to non-solid foods. We skipped right over purees and went straight to chewy stuff. But I needn’t have worried. She was fine. She latched on fine– my biggest fear was that nursing would be too hard– and took a long afternoon nap. She ate a hearty dinner of rice, pasta sauce, avocado and some very soft previously-frozen broccoli. And really, she seemed less bothered by the out of place tooth than she has been bothered by her new teeth coming in the past couple of weeks. Boy are kids resilient! But I felt like I’d been through the wringer.

Now I’m tired and am going to go to bed.

Lucia leads the way

Lucia leads the way while Anthony freaks out that she might bolt for the street

Girls on the move

A girl on the move!

Swinging with Sophie

Swinging with Sophie

Just before her nap.

Just before her nap.

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