Lucy with Bathtub and in her Sunday Dress

Waiting for bath with big brother photobomb.

Lucia loves frozen blueberries. All my kids do. Lucky me. They’re great healthy snack and an easy way to get the kids to eat more fruit. But they are a bit messy. Especially when you eat them with your fingers.


This is why Sunday morning before Mass I needed to give Lucia a bath. She was so cute sitting next to the tub with blueberry all over her face, I just had to grab the camera.


She looks so much skinnier when she’s in just a diaper than she does with clothes on. Scrawny little thing (especially compared to Anthony) until you note her chubby thighs. And of course the cheeks.


I love how her bath became a whole family affair, with all five kids crowding around the tub.


I also snapped some shots of her after Mass all dressed up in her pretty dress.


A long-sleeved onesie under a sundress worked really well to make it last into the cold weather. She wore it with tights, socks, and warm pink slippers. And a cute pink lace jacket.



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  1. katherine johnson December 17, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

    She so beautiful. Getting so big!

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