Meet Lucia Rose

Meet Lucia Rose

7 lbs 2oz. 18-1/2 inches. Born on 1/3/13 at 13:00
Getting weighed.

Weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces. The only one who was smaller at birth was Sophie at 6 pounds 13 oz. 18 inches long. A nice petite girl. She feel miniscule after Anthony.

Meeting Lucia in the OR while they sew me up.

She was born at exactly 1300 on 1/3/13. The entire OR was thrilled at her perfect timing. I’m hoping that it’s a harbinger of good things to come.

Touching her with the one finger I could wriggle free.

I really lucked out with the change of dates. The doctor who was on today was the same amazing OB, Dr Shaw, who delivered Anthony. She came in to talk with us before surgery and gave Dom and I hugs and inquired after Anthony. She was quite impressed with how big he was. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find out, after we’d already been checked in, that she was going to be my doctor. I had hoped beyond hope that she might deliver Lucia and getting her was really a special sort of miracle.

As it turned out, the whole surgical team was awesome. Everyone was so friendly and so cheerful. My nurse, Andrea, who was with us from the time we checked in until I was in my room, was one of the best I’ve ever had. She was just the best at putting me at ease, so very good at what she did and oh yeah she gave Dom and I hugs at the end after seeing me to my room and getting me settled in. I felt like I’d made a friend.

Holding Lucia for the first time in the recovery room.

The surgery was very smooth. From my end at least the easiest of all the five. They were prepared for the placenta to be a problem with extra blood on hand and all; but everything went very well indeed, no problems at all. I didn’t have any anxiety and so much less discomfort than in previous times. Thank you so very much for everyone who prayed for us. I prayed throughout the procedure and felt like I was wrapped in a mantle of prayer.

Lucia Rose
Getting cleaned up.

The kids came by a little bit ago and all are in love with her. Lucia was crying and Bella started talking to her and she stopped crying and opened her eyes to see Bella’s face.

Lucia Rose
She has a great set of lungs on her. Very healthy and happy.

My mom snapped this picture of an alert Lucia. Happy after a big meal and a diaper change, she had some nice time hanging out with Grandma.


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