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Change of Plans

This is becoming the theme of this pregnancy, of this Christmas season, of my life. This afternoon I had my pre-surgery testing appointment at the hospital. The nurse asked how I was feeling and I gave her an honest answer. No polite small talk here. I felt wretched and let her know. She led me […]

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

I’m just checking in because I hate how quiet this blog has become. I’ve had so many posts I’ve wanted to write; but life keeps conspiring against me. So many things I’ve wanted to do in recent weeks just haven’t happened. As I mentioned before, I got sick right before Christmas with a terrible head […]

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Our Advent So Far

Nativity Scene by Bella. I don’t know if you can read the text at the bottom. She wrote it herself, her first invented spelling: NUTVDE SEN Advent Wreath On the first Sunday of Advent I totally forgot about the advent wreath until dinner was on the table and everyone sitting down to eat. But I […]

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Crucifixion: Love in the Abyss

Crucifixion by Bella. The captions are her dictation to me. She also told me that all the red lines are blood. That was the first thing she said about this picture and she repeated it a couple of times. “In the face of horror … there is no other answer than the cross of Christ: […]

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Brief Light

Sally Thomas has been a blog friend for some time. I always enjoy our conversations whether literary or homeschool-y. I’d maybe have bought her book even if I didn’t already admire her poetry. But Brief Light is the kind of book I’d have bought even if I hadn’t recognized the author’s name on the cover. […]

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A Rant

Lucia at 36 weeks. Taken this morning. And now for something less thoughtful than what I’ve been writing of late and far less beautiful than my gorgeous little daughter there with her hand up to her face. (Sorry for the blurry camera phone snap of the ultrasound picture.)  I need to let off steam in […]

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