On the Fifth Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

I’m just checking in because I hate how quiet this blog has become. I’ve had so many posts I’ve wanted to write; but life keeps conspiring against me. So many things I’ve wanted to do in recent weeks just haven’t happened.

As I mentioned before, I got sick right before Christmas with a terrible head cold that floored me. I didn’t go to Mass on Christmas or to the family Christmas party. I was hoping to be better by now and to get a few last things in. Indeed the cold is mostly gone. But yesterday I was bowled over by this stomach thing that Dom had a couple of weeks ago.

Now Dom has the cold and Anthony seems to have caught it too. Poor Anthony cried almost all night last night and no matter what Dom did he just couldn’t settle down for more than an hour or so at a time. I wanted to help but I just knew that as soon as I got Anthony comfortable I’d have to get up and run to the bathroom. So it was that kind of a night. I kept waking up with my own distress and feeling helpless to solve Anthony’s or to help Dom.

The basic things that need to be done to get ready for the baby have been done. I think. I’d have liked to clean up and vacuum my room since I’m going to be spending a lot of time in bed for a while after we come home from the hospital. I’d have liked to clean the rest of the house too. But the world won’t end if those things aren’t done.

I did get everyone’s hair cut, which may seem like an odd thing to be on my agenda but the girls and I have been needing haircuts for months and months and I really wanted to get theirs done especially since I won’t be the one washing and brushing it for a while. And mine just needed to be made easier to care for too. So yesterday Sophie lost about eight inches, Bella about six, and I cut off about a foot of my hair. Which still leaves me with a ponytail that reaches over my shoulders.

Today I cut the boys’ hair and Dom’s. It’s the only thing I’ve accomplished today other than cuddling with a sick toddler. Oh and finishing Cryptonomicon.

Can I beg your prayers, dear friends, that we all feel better tomorrow and that we get to Mass. I really need some extra grace before Monday’s surgery. Lucia is due to be born via c-section at 10:00 Monday morning. Right now that is frankly terrifying.

We’re supposed to be getting almost a foot of snow tonight. 


UPDATED 12/30/12

Change of plans. I went to the hospital for my pre-op testing and they rescheduled my surgery to Thursday afternoon at 2 pm. So begins more waiting. But hopefully I will feel much better by then. So much for my 2012 New Year’s Eve baby. I had grown very used to that idea. I hate last minute changes. But I’m a bit relieved not to be facing surgery while still recovering from this stomach thing.



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  • Poor Melanie!  We’re keeping you in our prayers down here!

    January 3rd is an auspicious day for a birthday though.  It’s the memorial of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and it’s J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday!  So take heart!

    (Also my wedding anniversary and the day of our anatomy ultrasound, but those aren’t anywhere near as cool.)

  • Thinking of you. It’s already 2013 here, so I wish you good health and a Bright New Year. Every blessing to you and your family.

  • Thanks, everyone.

    Geek Lady, Ok that is seriously cool. I looked at the calendar of saints and it obviously said nothing about Tolkien nor about the feast of the Holy Name, so I was kind of bummed. I’m sure St Genevieve is very nice but I don’t have a great attachment to her and she seemed like a poor replacement to a New Year’s Eve celebration. I suppose I will reconcile myself to the third.

  • I hope that my morning Mass was directed to another Melanie having a baby today!  Just kidding.  Here’s to the wise nurse who postponed the stress of a C-section for a few more days to allow you to nap and get more well.  If your mother and Dom are around, you can baby yourself before your new baby is born.  I hope they are pampering you royally.

    Happy New Year!

  • At 10 AM this morning I thought of you and lifted you up in prayer, then I checked your blog and learned that Lucia would be making a later-than-planned entrance.  I know it’s disappointing, but I think the nurse was very wise.  You’re going to be exhausted after the birth, and that on top of your recent illness would be a one-two punch.  Rest, rest, rest as much as you possibly can for the next few days.  Happy New Year!

  • I’ve had a nice quiet day.

    I did get my bedroom vacuumed, which makes me feel much more peaceful. (Mom pitched in and vacuumed the living room, which also makes me feel more peaceful.)

    I also baked two loaves of bread, which is an activity I enjoy and which takes minimum effort. I’ll freeze the second and enjoy the kids having homemade bread when I’m not up to baking a loaf.

    I helped the kids make the sugar cookies I mixed up last week. So glad we got to do that during the Christmas season. So simple and yet such dear memories for them to have.

    Otherwise, I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying the respite. Trying not to finish all my books before Thursday, though a trip to the library may be in order.

    A very happy new year to you all, though a little bittersweet not having my Lucia in my arms to help me welcome it as I’d planned, I’m trying to welcome it in with a spirit of simplicity and abandonment to God’s will.

  • Oh, Melanie, I understand your frustration. I was due June 26th with my last baby, and went to my 39 week appointment ready to discuss induction options (I have large babies who do not wish to come out on their own), only to find out BOTH the OBs in my practice were out of town until after the 4th!  I had been hoping for maybe an induction for the 4th, but we decided to wait and see if baby would come out on his own…he didn’t, and we ended up with a July 8th baby.  He is the only one in our family without a national holiday on his birthday, but he seems to bear it well.

    Hoping you are all healthy and well rested for Lucia’s arrival!

  • Hi Melanie, I was thinking of you yesterday and praying for a good day today.  Looks like I will have to keep praying – and remember to ask for help if you need it!

  • I am sorry. I sympathize and kindof know how you feel. I’m not waiting for surgery (as far as I know anyway) but, as I said to James last night, I am so done being pregnant. He pointed out that I feel that way every pregnancy in those last few weeks.

    I love this time of year, and I hoped it would make the last month of this pregnancy less miserable, but even Christmas I found myself frustrated at as one more thing that demanded my energy, made me more active than I wanted to be, and stressed me more than I wanted. Tomorrow is our 8th wedding anniversary, and I feel like, unless I’m holding a baby, I probably won’t get to enjoy that very much either. Due to the nature of my labors, I’ve been having contractions since Christmas Day… they have all been managable and irregular, but explaining to 4 kids why I don’t want to be touched or bothered when I can’t actually say I am in labor is hard because they don’t understand.

    Since I’ve never made it to a due date, I presume the baby will arrive sometime this week but I’m tired and uncomfortable in more ways than I can count (I don’t even remember another baby causing me pain just by the usual squirming and movement, even this late in the game).

    I hope you’re feeling okay other than the viruses and hopefully those will be gone soon so you are better prepared for a Thursday surgery. Prayers for your week.

  • Oh sweetie. Breathe. Just breathe and trust that all is in God’s good care. He is *always* working to bring the best, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the time. A few days to rest and get well before surgery sounds like an excellent good thing.

    I will be at the Monastery Thursday: there will be candles for you, candles for Lucia.