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Project Anthony Watch

I remember Bella and Ben and Sophie eating paper. I remember pulling bits of leaves out of their mouths. I remember once or twice finding rocks or bits of bark or whatever. But Anthony has taken putting dangerous bits and pieces in his mouth to a whole new level. I remove little chokey things from […]

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A Tale of Two Teethers

Both Ben and Anthony are teething. Ben is getting his two-year molars. I’m not sure what Anthony is working on exactly but he’s biting me and anything else he can get in his mouth. The past few nights it has become our routine to dose them with ibuprofen at bedtime. Even the long-lasting stuff seems […]

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Anthony at Nine Months

On Sunday Anthony was nine months old. I can’t believe he’s so old already. Where has the time gone? He’s crawling around at lightning speed, pulling himself to stand on anything that stands still long enough (including my leg) and cruising along the edge of the couch. I’ve even seen him let go and stand […]

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Audio Visual

Dom appears as a guest on the Archdiocese of Boston’s daily radio show, The Good Catholic Life Although cognitive scientists have debunked learning-style theories, they concede that people may still have distinct learning preferences. It is certainly the case that I far prefer to receive information in written form to simply hearing it. And in […]

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Creativity in Coloring

We took a break from alphabet coloring pages. Bella was getting a bit tired of them. I’d noticed that she wasn’t finishing the page each day and then she told me she’d rather not do them anymore. I told her we could have a break and come back to them in a week or two. […]

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Please Pray

For a young woman named Amy. She just found out she’s expecting, after trying for several years. Now she’s in the hospital and afraid she might lose the baby. She’s got a mass on one ovary and they aren’t sure what kind of growth or what extent.

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Italian Shoes

There’s something magical about reading a book when you know absolutely nothing about it except that it’s been recommended by someone you trust. You dive into a mysterious place with no expectations for the journey, just the knowledge that a real adventure is hidden between the covers. (It’s similar with a movie that you know […]

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