Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Four of my greatest blessings. Amazingly all in one place and smiling! It only took a dozen tries.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone.

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  • Am here, doing that. Yeah, we have the double teethers too. Elizabeth’s 2nd molars are ever so slowly moving in and Teresa has 1 bottom front tooth and her upper 2 incisors are breaking through. I’m so going to get a vampire photo once they are out but in the meantime she can be quite the grouch.

    My unsleeping sympathies. Hang in there. God doesn’t make teething last forever, Thank Heavens!

  • Thanks. You know most of it is sort of normal now. Ben’s been working on the molars for a while. But the 4 am toothbrushing was what really floored me enough to make me want to chronicle this story. That boy!