Singing School

Singing School

This afternoon as Sophie and I were engaged in yet another pitched battle—actually as she was taking a bit of a break from the long struggle to exert control over me—Bella decided to relieve the tension by singing to me. She began with a question and I needing a stress relief too sang an answer back. Back and forth question and answer, we had an entire conversation that was entirely sung. It was delightful fun and really lightened the mood.

My favorite moment though was when she sang, “Who is good?” That stumped me. Was she fishing for a compliment? How to answer that? Then inspiration struck: “God is good.” But her response blew me away: “That is the truth.”

“Someone has been paying attention to the Gospel readings,” I sang.

“Yes, I have.”

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  • For the bed you could do a bed rail on your bed for him, or put him on a palette on the floor. My nephew John Paul was like Anthony – you could never tell if his diaper for full because it was so full of his chubby bottom – he was the same with all the rolls, but also had almost no neck with all the chub. They were two people in a queen bed and my brother is rather large, so there wasn’t much room for them to have him in the bed and little room for a crib or bassinet. So from 3 months until about 1 year, JP slept on a papasan cushion on their floor right next to the bed. He ate seldom much at night so he didn’t have to be picked up much. Maybe you could just move the crib mattress to the floor next to your bed.

    Anna moved on to a palette on the floor for naps when she was about 6mos old. She hated the crib and it wasn’t safe for her in the cosleeper after she could sit up. She now sleeps on a twin mattress on her floor in her room for naps and bedtime, and then moves into our bed at lights out for me. We have a king so there is plenty of room.

  • He is soooo adorable!  I have to add what a previous poster said, maybe use a bed rail? worth it.  my little girl is turning six months in a few weeks (sept 5th) and she is also huge.  she weighs 19 lbs and is wearing almost 12 mos. clothing which is interesting b/c when my son was younger he was on the petite size (still is). people think i’m feeding her formulat on the side!  LOL…i love following your blog and was trying to figure out how to subscribe. have a great day…

  • Oh he’s so chubby! My son was 9.5 lbs at birth, but not chubby….he was like this little muscle man with only a bit of pudge in his double-chin. Maybe the next one will have something to pinch!

  • having a baby who is in the 5th percentile for weight and the 10th for growth, it’s so strange for me to see such a chubby baby!  (not a bad thing—just the opposite of my son.)

  • Goodness gracious! Melanie, you must make some mighty breastmilk—those rolls are so precious! Happy birthday, big guy! Give your mom good sleep tonight.

  • Betsy, my fear is he’d get wedged either between the crib mattress and the changing table or between the mattress and our bed. Or roll off and get stuck under the bed. There is literally just enough room for the bassinet and the changing table on my side and not much else. We definitely wouldn’t have room for something like a papasan cushion.

    I’m mainly concerned about putting him down in our room before we go to bed, not when he’s in bed with me.
    Wouldn’t I have to get 3 bed rails to keep him from rolling off? I’m not sure that would be a very workable solution.

    kz, Funny about how different two children can be. My Sophie was—still is—super petite as well. Anthony is by far my chubbiest baby. I’m in awe.

    There’s a link to subscribe to the RSS feed on the left sidebar, just scroll down to near the bottom.

    Soujourner, you can come and hug away any time.

    MightyMighty, There is always hope for more pudge. Just keep trying till you get a fat one! 4th time’s the charm.

    jen, I know what you mean. Sophie was 10th and 20th percentiles for weight and height. I revel in Anthony’s chub in part because it’s such a contrast with my other babies.

    Erika, it’s the same milk the others got. I’m thinking genes on this one. You should have seen some of Anthony’s cousins. Big rolls of fat…. I think we just hit the jackpot this time.

  • ok, I’m going to totally argumentative, and give you my perspective on options for Anthony based on my experience with Anna, which you can feel free to ignore. I know some people really like having a changing table, but i’ve always found them to be the least necessary piece of furniture. without it he’d have a great deal more room. We keep our diapers in a drawer, and a little basket with wipes and a few diapers out for easy access.

    Here is my perspective. Anna hated her crib for naps because she rolled and would bonk into the sides, waking up. I layered two folded quilts on the floor – comfy, but firm and able to be rolled off of safely. I put three pillows around her as bumpers. When she rolled or moved she would hit them, but not go any further. She wasn’t ready to lay on a pillow for a while after that. A sleeping baby will not usually venture over a bit of a barricade. She was a phenomenally poor sleeper, and the palette, and later the pillow, really helped.

    Then we had to make sure she was someplace she would wake up and be safe of course. She was usually in the same room as me, but it went even better when i moved the palette into the girls very safe room. she was not ready for the height of a mattress on the floor until about a year. Now she sleeps for early night night and naptime on a twin mattress on the floor.

    When anna couldn’t crawl, I could barricade her with pillows on our bed and put the monitor right near her so I knew as soon as she woke up. Between about 9mos-15mos she was too mobile/daredevilish to be left alone on the big bed, but now she knows how to get off and can be in the bed with a pillow next to her when asleep. It keeps her from rolling and she won’t crawl off the bed when awake.

    babies are mobile in different ways. If Anthony can crawl well, but not understand falling, her probably shouldn’t be on the bed alone. But with the appropriate minor precautions, I see no reason why he would wedge himself if sleeping on a palette, if he has enough room for a full roll. If he is a super mobile sleeper, it’s more of an issue. On the bed though, even a fairly mobile child will rarely go off the foot of the bed when asleep, so two rails would suffice if you felt you needed rails.

    In short, depending on his mobility, a pillow barricade on the bed with a monitor might work, and a palette on the floor with the same sort of pillow barricade might work. Of course, if he’ll be in the bed with you at lights out, any location for the palette would work as long as he isn’t bothered. I know you don’t have tons of space and the big kids are all over the place at bedtime, but it’s just a thought. This is based on Anna though and I don’t really know how much applies to Anthony or what your physical space issues are.


  • He is SO CUTE. Oh, goodness. Yummy. I just love seeing your girls with their baby brothers!

    Have you thought about putting YOUR mattress on the floor? I think we tried that at one point. We’ve gone through so many configurations with each baby. It’s kind of a pain for the grown-ups, but it does make it easier when you don’t have to worry about the baby falling from a great height onto the floor.