Praying for baby Teresa

Praying for baby Teresa

Little Tess was born last Monday. She got admitted to Children’s Hospital in D.C. yesterday. She needs surgery on her small intestine on Tuesday.
Her mother writes:

God is very good. I got her an emergency baptism at our old Hospital with a visiting Nigerian Priest and a Holy Cross Nun as her godmother this afternoon.

You can leave you prayers and offerings for Tess and her family at Abigal’s Alcove. Thank you!

Also, after you leave your comment, go look at all the sweet baby pictures.


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  • Beautiful photos, I love sunflowers! The ones we have here have darker centers. The leaves do have an herbal scent, reminds me a bit of the old “Herbal Essence” shampoo.

  • Your daughter is being perfectly logical in her associations!

    Mistress MARY, quite contrary,
    How does your GARDEN grow?
    With silver bells and cockleshells
    And pretty MAIDS all in a row. smile