Bella on Vocations

Bella on Vocations


On Sunday Father’s homily was about vocations. He asked the kids if they were going to be priests or religious when they grew up or married. I whispered to Bella, “Are you going to be a religious sister.”

“No,” she replied with great certainty, “I’m going to be married.” After all, she’s already got all her children named.

But later at dinner she spontaneously offered this, “My little boy is going to grow up and be a priest.”

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  • Very well-said Melanie. I was similarly dismayed by that comment. There are women out there who truly have no support and no idea that there are resources for then. If we are truly pro life we cannot just sit and judge and condemn. 

    I just wanted to add the following: Rachel’s Vineyard is a wonderful resource for women, and men too, struggling with healing the pain of abortion.

  • The commenter also failed to read the article, which clearly states that Cheryl Harrison WANTED to have a second child and thought that the strength of her desire would see her through.

    I couldn’t help thinking sadly that in this country, in this day & age, St. Gianna Molla would likely be sued by the ACLU.  *sigh*

  • Nicole, a depressing thought; but likely true. What doctor would dare even mention God or faith in the current climate? Though my sister did have a lovely chat about Sts Therese and Teresa with an ER doctor on a recent visit. The doc had the name Therese and my sister commented that it’s got an “h” like hers and the doc asked who she was named for. But my sister definitely initiated that one.