No More Monkeys…

No More Monkeys…

We were singing No more monkey this morning. Then I stopped singing to go make lunch. Bella made up her own version.

Bella’s version:

(As transcribed by me. This is word for word)

There was two little girls jumping on the table. Their mother told them not to; but they kept doing it. They both fell off and cracked their heads open. Their mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more children jumping on the table. So their mama took the children to the doctor. He fixed their heads. Then the mother came back and she took the children back home. She told them not to jump on the table again. Then they listened and everything was better.

(This was not chanted to the same tune, by the way, it was narrated as one would tell a story.)
When Sophie tired to correct her that it was monkeys and bed, Bella just explained, “No, this is my version.”

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