Baby Doll Prayers

Baby Doll Prayers


I know Isabella can say the Our Father and Hail Mary. I’ve heard her do so any number of times. But for some reason at bedtime it’s like pulling teeth to get her to pray along with us. She wants to read a book or she gets distracted by her toys or she wants to do flips or climb on Dom. Anything but pray.

The other night I had a stroke of genius as she was playing with her doll. “Bella, why don’t you help Dolly say her prayers?”

Bella totally got into it. She jumped up and found just the perfect block to serve as dolly’s holy water bottle (The one with the 7 on top. Maybe it looked like the flip spout?) Then she helped dolly to make the sign of the cross, to bless Daddy and Mama and Sophie and Ben, and then to fold her hands and say prayers along with us. And thus with her dolly sitting on her lap Bella said every word of the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and all the petitions we say every night.

Creative problem solving to the rescue.

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