Bella sings Do Re Mi

Bella sings Do Re Mi

Dom taught the girls to sing this one. And he taght Bella hand motions too so cute.

Just ignore the absolutely trashed state of the living room. Please.

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  • Alicia,

    Thanks for the reminder I never remember to post reviews to amazon; but I really should.

    Glad to know you were thinking of me. It really is uncanny how it feels as if this book were made to my specific request, except with even more features that I hadn’t thought of yet.

  • This book is awesome, Melanie. Thank you for pointing it out. I ordered 5 for gifts based on your recommendation and when it came and I read it for myself, I wished I had ordered 10. smile
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  • My boyfriend got this book as a baptism present for our goddaughter (my sister, who is 3 and recently adopted). I thought it looked familiar. smile

    And it is a lovely book. I especially appreciated it after having helped my mom find a baptism book we could read to the Princess—some of those are fit to gag you with their treacle.